Friday, November 30, 2007

The TV Ban

So Matty has been watching about six straight days of movies and TV since he's been sick, and it's obviously had a negative impact on his behavior. Since he was well enough to go to school today, I decided he was also too well for ANY TV. I usually let him watch some cartoons while Sofia's napping, since that is one of the few moments in my day I can get anything done, without being up too late. Instead, today we did crafts; Sofia even learned to not eat Play-Doh, which is a huge accomplishment for her! I've decided that she generally only puts things in her mouth now for two reasons - habit, and to get me to chase her.
Here are some pictures of the kids being crafty, and yes, Sofia colored on my white Pottery Barn table with a black crayon. But it's all good....that's how we roll here (and besides, some Soft Scrub got it right up).

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