Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Star Wars and the evils of Ebay

This is day three of Matty home sick, and he's watching Star Wars for the 3rd time. In fact, he's watched the original trilogy twice, and it looks like he'll do it again today!
As Christmas is fast approaching, and considering Matty's new Star Wars addiction, I've developed a small Ebay addiction. Matty hasn't seen any of the new trilogy, and knows nothing about it; but most of the Star Wars toys now available in stores are for the newer movies. John is a purist, and I prefer the originals myself, so finding the toys to go with them is a struggle. I'm hoping to win a Hoth Han Solo, to go with the Tauntaun I've already found. I swore I wouldn't get too involved in finding toys this year (I really didn't want to relive the CARs madness of last Christmas!), but I know it will be worth it on Christmas morning!

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