Saturday, November 3, 2007

End of the soccer season...

Matty played his last soccer game today, and did a great job. He made several fantastic saves for his team, and is getting better and better at defense! After the game the team had a pizza party, played video games, and generally wreaked havoc at a local pizza parlor. I'm really going to miss his Saturday games, his team and everyone's parents and siblings are so much fun to spend time with, and all really, really love soccer. And Sandra, the team mom, did an extraordinary job making this season special for the boys; because of her, everyone had their names on their jerseys and an awesome banner to display at the games. We were really lucky to have her. Coach Steve has the patience of a saint, and really helped the boys to learn how to play a good, clean game, and have fun doing it.

And my wonderful husband really made my day today....I woke up to a clean kitchen, and a vacuumed family room! He's the greatest!!

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