Friday, November 2, 2007

Cool photos

My grandma gave me these photos a few years ago, and today I scanned them into the computer, so I can play with scrapping them. I especially love the one of me and my mom, even though I was clearly not the cutest baby! But because I was a spoiled baby, I was very beautifully dressed!
And this photo of my grandparents is my all-time favorite photo of them. This is actually their wedding picture, and they both look so fantastic, and so very happy. This photo was taken in 1950, and the one of me and my mom was taken in 1976.
This is the only wedding picture I have of my parents, and though my mom looks beautiful, I'm glad these hats were not in style when I got married! And I think my dad wore that suit for the next ten years!
I can't wait for the November Jenni Bowlin kit, it looks like it would look great with these black and white pictures.

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