Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a 4th!

We had such a great time for 4th of July! Matty wasn't at all scared of the fireworks this time; he even made it all the way around the edge of pool without any help. And we discovered that the pool is the only thing Sofia seems to be afraid of; she even started to cry when I dove into the pool! On the otherhand, Matty was very impressed by my diving prowess :)

I wish I had taken some 4th of July pictures, but this was the first year I didn't. We started the party about 2 hours later than we usually do, and then our first guest didn't arrive for another hour and a half!! I'm really disappointed, because I've got tons of the Rusty Pickle 4th of July paper, so we may have to do some holiday staging!

Matty, Sofie, Grandma and me had a blast at the Exploratorium on Tuesday, followed by fantastic sundaes at Ghiradelli Square. We had planned on walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, but spent 3 hours at the Exploratorium, and ran out of time. Matty's favorite part of the Exploratorium was either the Alice in Wonderland room (where your perspective is totally skewed by the odd shape of the room), or the cone you drop marbles into, to watch them swirl down the hole. Sofia seemed to like anything involving lights!