Thursday, January 3, 2008

Scrapping tour

Today was a blast! Liz, Alex and I trekked through the East Bay, visiting scrapbook stores. Liz and Alex had never been to My Daughter's Wish (Pleasant Hill), and they wanted to go to Scrapbook Territory (Berkeley) as well, and since I've been to both I played tour guide.
I hadn't been to MDW for several weeks, and it was a great time to go, because Mallory was there (home on break from school). And it's always fun to see Sheri running a class, she does such a great job. MDW is definitely my favorite scrapbook store, because Sheri really gets interesting product, stuff that's different from anywhere else; she really can push you creatively, which is what I need!
It's always interesting to visit Scrapbook Territory, and it always to be raining when we go there! I was lucky enough to find Ali Edward's Life Artist, since I didn't get it when I should have from Creating Keepsakes. I can't wait to read through it tonight! Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to be creative....Tim Holtz has interesting thoughts on that today in his blog .
Happy crafting everyone!