Thursday, November 8, 2007

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony this morning was very nice. Matty's friend, Megan, also received an award, and I'm very thrilled for her, she's such a sweet girl. Matty received an award for displaying mutual respect for everyone at school. Since he's been on the sassy side at home, it's fabulous he's being so good at school! He was so proud of himself, and when his class was getting ready to return to their room, he came over to me, and thanked me for coming - he's so cute!!
Sofie was behaving pretty well, for having to sit there for half an hour, and she wasn't too interested until she heard Matty's name, and she started clapping and yelling "yeah!!". She is so thrilled with her brother, she seems to think everything he does is wonderful. I'm so glad they like each other so much!

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