Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Awards Dinner

As I was going through Matty's backpack yesterday before school, I found a note that he would be receiving an award Thursday morning. Needless to say, I was thrilled! If your child receives an award in November, then you know they really, really earned it, and it's not something they're given at the end of the year for their self-esteem (that happend to us last year!). No one can make me laugh like Matty can, and when I told him about the award he looked genuinely confused and said "but I thought I was really bad at school yesterday". I have no idea what he meant, and he refused to elaborate, but it was hilarious (I don't think he actually did anything naughty the day before, so I'm not very worried).
In honor of his award me and John took the kids out to dinner last night; one of Matty's favorite things to do is to go to restaurants, he asks every day to go to one. It was a very nice dinner, no one had a tantrum, only a few things were thrown on the floor (Sofie's table manners still need work), and everyone colored very nicely throughout the meal.
I'll update the blog later today with news of Matty's award, as we have no idea what it's for, and I'll include some pictures if they turn out.

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